The Denver Park System and Popular Sights

Parks, nature, greenery and just about anything that is reminiscent of nature’s finest features is a breathtaking view and a remedy to the distressed mind. Everyone enjoys these sights. The Rocky Mountain National Park is right within the vicinity and you don’t have to leave city limits to reach there. The city also features tons of parks each with its own unique traits. The Washington Park is popular among the locals because of its trails and ponds. The Confluence Park is located along the river and makes a great spot for picnics. Apart from these parks, there are also neighborhood parks that amount to over 200 parks in the Denver Park System.

Food Specialty

Denver’s eateries, delicacies, and restaurants’ scene is expanding. Additionally, the city has seen an influx of Asian flavors! For the last three years over 200 new restaurants have opened up each year. There are a number of food festivals to experience and enjoy throughout the year.

The Sporty Culture

Being just 75 miles away from the best skiing spots in the US, you can plan weekend trips for snow ventures. There is, however, an issue of severe traffic that you’re likely to face while getting to the mountains during this season. There are many resorts, including Winter Park, Arapahoe Basin and Loveland that offer ski slopes. Denver is also home to great biking expeditions, where the mountainous terrain melt into hiking trails during the summer. A bike is also a reliable means of transportation during any time of the year, unless unexpected storms cause hindrances. The city offers many bike trails, facilitating the bikers as much as possible. The Cherry Creek Bike Path stretches from downtown Denver over 24 miles.

The Public Transit System

Although, a small number of commuters use public transport in Denver, the number is growing. People that use public transport constitute 7% of the commuters. In 2016, several new light rail lines opened up. One of them goes to Denver International Airport. Light rail mostly serve to transport passengers from the suburbs to the city. Within the city, however, the bus system is adequate for most travel destinations. There’s also a free bus that moves on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.

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